Q: Which buildings are under demolishing process at the moment?
A: 1. Production Building, 1 000 200 001 006
2. Production Building, 1 000 200 001 007
3. Garage Building, 1 000 200 001 008
4. Workshop, 1 000 200 001 019
5. Coffee-house, 1 000 200 001 020
6. Household Building, 1 000 200 001 022

Q: Can we demolish building 004?
A: Yes, you can foresee to demolish building 004

Q: What are the requirements of the Latvian Construction Standard LBN 002-15 “Building envelope thermal engineering”?
A: There is a new Standard LBN 002-19, where all residential buildings should b almost zero energy buildings

Q: Are there any significant changes (since 2017) to these regulations, that would impact the design?
– Construction Law
– General Building Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 500
– Building Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 529
– Regulations of Land Use and Construction in the Historic Centre of Riga (RHC) and its protection zone (RVCAZTIAN)
A: No changes in regulations mentioned above

Q: Submission
It is stated in the brief that “All the submitted documents must be in Latvian or in English. The explanatory note of the Sketch
Design must be written in Latvian and English.” – can you please clarify why the explanatory note says “and” instead of or. Is required to be in double language?
A: Authors, elaborating the competition proposal in Latvian, should hand in the explanatory note both in Latvian and English. Panels can be elaborated either in Latvian or English

Q: Panels
Is there a min or max number of panels
Is there a min or max number of pages for the report
A: No, there are neither restrictions for the amount of panels, nor a set limit for the max pages of the explanatory note

Q: What are the stages to be included in the offer (I understand that the supervision is a separate stage already)
A: 1st stage – Elaboration of the technical project and its acceptance in the city authorities
2nd expertise – the period of ~ 60 calendar days
3rd stage – supervision

Q: Appendix 7 fee offer
– Does the offer needs to include also the engineering and other consultancies (landscape architect or other specialists) or only the architectural scope.
A: It should include also the engineering scope of works and other consultations

Q: Total floor area is asked to be 38 000 m2
– does it include underground parking?
A: No, underground parking is not included

Q: In the program there is mentioned residential function – is that just an option or is there some amount of apartments you’re planning to develop?
A: It is related to flexibility and Covid situation. For example, in unlikely event, that offices will not be needed in future, we would like to have a possibility to turn offices to residential function.

Q: Do you have preferred amount of m2 (netto or gross area) to build in one stage?
A: We would not prefer to have one stage to be significantly bigger when others.

Q: About existing buildings – what kind of other functions do you find suitable for development of existing buildings? For example in previous competition the main building was proposed as a hotel.
A: Eastnine’s (landplot owner) overarching business concept is to be the leading long-term provider of modern and sustainable office premises in prime locations in the Baltic capitals.
The premises are to be modern, flexible and sustainable.
Eastnine’s vision is to create and provide the best meeting places where ideas flow, where people meet and where successful businesses are developed. Based on statements above flexible office spaces should be designed with the meeting places, for example, farmers market, street food, local food, events, cafés, delis, art galleries, museums, services, etc.

Q: Is there some restriction of time regarding experience for the specialists mentioned in the competition Brief paragraph 6.5. and p. 6.7.?
A: No, there is no time limit, but should not exceed 10 years

Q: “competition area with adjacent properties in Skolas Street (potentially possible pedestrian flow connections with properties in Skolas Street 29 and Skolas Street 35)” Is it possible to consider the possibility to provide the plot of land Skolas 35 for departure from the underground parking lot.
A: Skolas Street 35 is not located in frames of the competition project area and does not belong to the organizer of the competition

Q: Is the requirement to organize exit from the underground car park on the side of Bruņinieku Street mandatory?
A: No, it is not obligatory if a better solution is possible

Q: “Flexibility. Each building must be designed in such a way that it is easy to change the function of the building: residential, hotel, retail and office. ” Does this mean, for example, adapting an office building to a residential or hotel function?
A: Preferably yes

Q: Does the planned ~ 34,000 sq.m of new construction also include ~ 10,000 m2 of underground parking?
A: No, it is not included

Q: Question re. qualification, whether the following experience meets requirements: – Sketch design for the reconstruction of the park for an area larger than 20,000 m²
A: Yes, the experience corresponds the requirements

Q: Question re. qualification, whether the following experience meets requirements:
a) multi-storey apartment building (7500 m²) and underground car parking (2000 m²), approved by the building construction board and is put into operation,
b) multi-storey apartment buildings (12500 m²), project approved by the building construction board,
c) multi-storey apartment building (6900 m²), project approved by the building construction board. All objects are located in RHC protection zone and the project includes landscaping.
A: Yes, the experience corresponds the requirements